7 reasons to become a member of AnyTime:
Ultimate mobility in Moscow.
You can rent a car anywhere in the city, as well as leave it anywhere in the city after use.
Car rental without deposit and additional costs.
To be a member of the AnyTime club there is no payment of membership fees and no deposit for the car rental. The cost of services already includes fuel, maintenance and insurance.
Carsharing is a low-cost service, compared to the cost of purchasing and maintaining a personal vehicle.
Carsharing with AnyTime is cheaper than taxi!
Simple rental procedure.
Once you become a member of Anytime you can rent / open any AnyTime car, using your mobile phone without the need to visit the rental office.
Charge by the minute.
Pay only for the use of the car / starting from 1 minute up to daily rent/
A completely new lifestyle!

    How to use AnyTime carsharing service

step 1

Join the Club!

To become a member of the club and get access to all features of our service, you need to register on the site. To do this you need:

Proof of ID (Passport)
Driving license
Bank card
What you get by joining our club?
Book a car without coming to the office
Minimum of documents
Quick and easy registration
Rates per minute
You pay only for the time of use
Rent around the clock
You can rent a car anytime
Discounts and bonuses for regular customers
Comfortable cars with automatic transmission, air conditioning, and many other features
step 2

Book a car ANYWHERE!

Use the map to select a car.
On the map you will find all the vacant cars
available for rental.
Use filters to make your choice easier.
You can display cars according to the color,
availability of fuel and many other parameters.
Reserve your car
20 minutes prior to the trip.
The car will be reserved for 20 minutes for free.
During this time no one else will be able to book or rent this car.
You can start the rent anytime during the booking minutes.
step 3

It's easy to use ANYTIME CAR!

After registration you can rent a car and operate it via a mobile app, SMS or by calling the Operator.
Rent a car
Additional information + Additional information –

Car rental service without deposit with tariffs by days, hours or even minutes!

Absolute mobility in a modern megapolis may cost a lot – but not with us!

You can rent a car without deposit – just join our club and replenish your account! Club membership doesn’t require additional payments and security deposit for renting

One easy registration procedure later you will have the opportunity to use AnyTime cars via your mobile device without bureaucratic runarounds usually associated with Leasing agreements.

If you just count the daily cost of “classic” car rental you’ll see that it would be more cost-effective to join our club, not toeven mention the costs of buying and maintaining an own car.

Our flexible tariff system will let you rent a car without deposit with precise tariffing – from 1 minute to 24+ hours.