In this section we have tried to cover the most commonly asked questions about how our service works. If you could not find an answer below, you can submit your question using the feedback form on the Contact Us page.


What payment methods can I use to top up my account?

If you have registered your bank card in our system, you can top up your account from "My Profile" page on the website, or through your mobile application, using the "Account Refill" section of "My Profile".

You can also use any terminal of Credit Bank of Moscow, OJSC. You can find the list of available terminals by clicking here


For how long will my car reservation be valid?

You can reserve a car using the "Available Cars” section. Your reservation will be valid for 20 minutes, after which you can either proceed with your car rental order or give up your reservation.

You may cancel up to three reservations in this manner. If you exceed this limit, you will receive a warning via text message and will have to pay a penalty as prescribed under our schedule of charges.